An LLC company for your investments

To invest in real estate in the USA, the opening of an LLC (Limited liability company) is required. You can be the sole owner or own a share as a partner, with your family, friends or business partners. The LLC limits your personal liability while keeping taxes as low as possible.

JustInvestNow takes care of all opening formalities. We also work with American lawyers and tax specialists, who advise you in choosing the most appropriate structure according to your situation.

Deduct all your charges

Expenses related to the real estate operations of your LLC – including expenses incurred in your country of residence – are fully deductible from your taxable income in the United States. The cost of acquiring property is depreciable over 27.5 years (after deduction of the value of the land), while the cost of setting up mortgage loans is depreciable over the duration of the latter.

Minimum taxation

Your taxable income in the USA is calculated as follows: all the rents collected minus the charges (costs, works, depreciation, cost of loans, etc.). The tax rate is 14.25%. On request, our accounting partners complete your declaration in the USA. You are thus guaranteed to pay only the strict minimum in taxes.

Capital gain on sale

The US IRS taxes the capital gain on the sale of properties at 25% for the first year, 15% beyond.