Creation of an LLC Company

To invest in the US real estate market, you are required to create an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and open a US bank account in its name.

The house belongs to your company. You can be the sole owner and manager of your LLC or share it with associates. A company can acquire several properties.

Investor protection

An LLC company exempts you from criminal liability. Thus, your personal assets are protected should your company be the victim of legal action.

Simplified administration

The steps to set up an LLC and obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) are numerous and tedious.

JustInvestNow carries out all of these procedures on your behalf in order to relieve you of all bureaucracy to a minimum and to save considerable time. We also take care of your accounting and tax return in the United States.

If necessary, our tax and legal partners can advise you, in relation to your specific situation.

No double taxation

Most countries have an agreement with the United States to avoid double taxation. Your income is therefore only taxed on American soil. Your company does not pay taxes.